Why do we need so many Government documents ? Why is it such a messy situation ?

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In today’s scenario, documents are so important even more important than a person’s life.

People do have or not anything but in India they need to accumulate all the documents issued by government and there is not one or two important document but a list of documents, like –

1) Voter ID

2) Passport

3) Ration Card

4) Driving License

5) Marriage Certificate

6) Birth Certificate

7) Death Certificate

8) Academic Certificate

9) Aadhar Card

10) others

Now, all these documents are necessary in the life span of a human being directed by government but that government only didn’t make the process of procuring such documents easy. Even more than 50% of population in India doesn’t know how and from where to obtain such documents and the whole process become a lot of hell or a mess for everyone.

For Example –

1) Voter Id – I am sure there is a specified department for this documents but how many people go and prepare this document in that department. What is the cost associated with this documents to create it. what is the eligibility criteria etc etc. most of the people doesn’t have any idea on such questions and they only depend on the political party people and in the near election time only this documents gets created by major of population without knowing the eligibility, cost, procedure or any other related information.

2) Passport – I am happy to know that passport department becomes little active and smooth. Now-a-days to create passport, the procedure are mentioned in the internet and the passport department also do respond and actively complete their task.

3) Ration Card – The next documents like Voter ID, most of the people don’t have any idea about its procedure, cost and eligibility and depend on the Ration shop keeper who also charge huge commission to prepare it along with applicable charges.

4) Driving License – Every major cities have motor vehicle for this facility but the department is mixed and surrounded with brokers or agents. No individual is able to prepare this document without the help of broker or agent and they charge their commission thrice or four time or even more, than the cost associated with it.

5) Marriage Certificate – Another mess documents required now-a days by every married couple but they even didn’t know from where to procure it, what is the procedure, documents required and cost associated with it. In internet also only few or I say theoretical knowledge is given but no proper solution available. In internet only the list of brokers available who had distributed their area and charge commission as per their wish say thrice or four time or sometimes ten time or even more, than the cost associated with it. And what is the actual cost for this,  no one know this.

6) Birth Certificate – Another mess as this documents is again need to get issued only after 6 months or 10 months from the birth of a child and from which department or from where, god knows. people again need to depend on few brokers or agents to get issued this documents and if anyone wants to go by themselves then, first he need to know about the office from hospital (Govt.) and if he is lucky then he will get to know by his 4-6 visit to the hospital, then he has to go to the office and again need to make many visit about 8-10 times and if he is lucky then he will get after 8-10 visit only if he offer some bribe to the officer sitting there. Hence people need to depend on the broker or agents who again charge thrice or more time than the cost associated with it or as per their wish.

7) Death Certificate – Again another mess like all documents. No information available or teach to the Indian people how to procure such documents of their relatives.

8) Academic Certificate – This is little easy to get as this will be awarded from the institute from where the student accomplish their education in stages and get the academic certificate. But if someone lost a certificate and need to reissue the same then its again become a mess for them as no school authority or university or board response to him/her and finally they need to offer them some bribe to get it done.

9) Aadhar card – Another creation of new identity by Government of India but their is no mention on the process of procuring it. and again become a mess for individual.

10) Others – Bank Account / Gas Connection / Address Proof / Electricity Connection etc. I don’t understand that if a submit my Voter-id as ID proof and address proof, bank is not accepting it and asking to submit two different documents one is for ID proof and one is for Address proof. Also for date of birth asking third document as proof whether all this information are already incorporated in the Voter ID. Also for address proof they are preferring Electricity most, I don’t know what’s the logic behind it as in Kolkata electricity is from CESC which is a private company and not a government company. so Banks are denying govt. issued id card but accepting private company bill as address proof.

My whole point to writing this is all this documents made a mess in individuals life. Can we have a portal or say a detailed article may be 10 different article for each documents in which we can get to know what to do and how to do to get such documents. and also can we raise our voice together to make it listen to the government of India so that they may take some action and make this issue resolved, like passport department.

Lets share our views how to take it further and resolve it.

Warm regards

Sunil Agarwal

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  1. rockingguy says:

    You missed other schemes that have flopped in last couple of years

    1. RGESS: The scheme gives you Income Tax rebate under Section 80CCG of the Income-Tax Act, 1961. Very few investors have taken interest in it since it’s pretty complicated

    2. NPS: Another flop scheme that you retirement income after crossing 60 years. I think the scheme flopped because returns are taxable

    3. Inflated Indexed Bonds: Another flop schemes that didn’t become popular. Interest earned in taxable, most maturity interest is not available, 10 years is long period and KYC process needs to re-done

    4. e-Insurance Policies by IRDA: Another flop schemes where you have to do KYC and submit policy details. You can only view policies online

    Have you ever heard of CIRL and NIR which are insurance repositories?

    5. Gas subsidy: What’s the point of entering adhaar card details to get gas subsidy?

    6. eKYC – open bank account using only Adhaar card: This is good idea that allows you to open bank account using just one document

    However, if you try to open FD for 50k, then you’ll submit to get PAN card… which flops the idea

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Sunil, please write a personal mail to dear Manish to write articles on these documents.



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