Which Term Plan customer service is good and value for money ?

POSTED BY shantibhusan78 ON January 9, 2014 10:30 am COMMENTS (7)

I want to go for term insurance of 50 Lakh for 25 Yrs. My age is 36 yrs.

Kindly let me know which company is good. I am interested in reliability, customer service, value for money.


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Shantibhushan, value for money can be check easily from the prem. charged for the same cover. Interestingly reliability can not be known upfront. There are equally good and bad publicity for all insurers (mainly online term covers).

    I’m personally holding a term cover from AVIVA. If you are ok with this insurer, please feel free to go ahead.



    1. shantibhusan78 says:

      Thank you very much. I bought a term plan of Rs.50 lakh from Aviva. Overall a good buying experience.



  2. shantibhusan78 says:

    Thank you everyone from your point of view.
    @Ashal by reliability i mean the trust factor regarding customer service and helping customers in claim settlement in case need arise. I know IRDA is regulator in Insurance sector where they are controlling companies to follow the rules and regulations. still some bad players will remain. Value for money means for the same coverage one has to sell out different premiums, in certain case very large difference. So i wanted to know which company provide you reasonable premium and good service.


  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear shantibhushan, can you explain your requirements in detail here? What do you mean by reliability, value for your money? Custoer service is a case to case basis different thing even for the same insurer.



  4. rajkanwar321 says:

    As Manish and Rahul mentioned, it would be your call to decide which one is best. We all can give our personal suggestions, though you need to decide for yourself. My personal choice and term plan is from Birla Sun Life term insurance since I found their policy very reasonable and it that satisfies my needs. In the end only you have to make a choice. Best of luck!


  5. There is no single answer , but for any company you will hear bad and good reviews. There are options like Aviva, HDFC , ICICI and LIC which are talked a lot about .

    So just choose one which you trust . Just make sure you do not hide any critical info while taking the policy , everything will be fine later


  6. rahulsharma2617 says:

    There are several in the market and I cannot comment on others. Though, I have a personal experience with Bharti AXA Life insurance and I found it good with host of life insurance plans to choose from life term insurance, child insurance plans etc. I found them reliable, with good customer service and trust me their policy is value for money.


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