Which Term Insurance to go for – How about SBI eshield ?

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Need suggestion on selection of term insurance

I am 27 and already have a lic insurance called “Jeevan Anand”  of Premium 51000 yr ,but the return is very low of  only 1020000 that too after 21 yrs ,planning to close it, have paid 3yrs premium  , but i came to know that i will loose a good amount of money if I close the policy.

Is it possible to lower the premium of the LIC I have  ?

Secondly now I am any  looking for a term Insurance as they have low premium and high return

Is SBI eshield a good option , does it covers any type of death offcourse not the “suicide”

Or which Insurance will be good which cover the most type off death cause.



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  1. kuntalroy says:

    thanks Abhinav claim settlement definitely is a strong point

  2. abhinav says:

    Hello Roy,

    Both SBI and Click2Protect are good options.

    As with term Insurance, there is no absolute “best” products. Please go for a product whom you feel you are comfortable with. The claim settlement ratio is one parameter which can be used to compare the products.


  3. kuntalroy says:

    Thanks Aditya for your suggestion.

    what abt SBI E shield , which one will be better HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus OR SBI Esheild


  4. adityaraje1990 says:

    The best term pan currently in the market is Aegon Religare and HDFC Click2Protect.
    Please check out their respective sites and choose the one which suits your requirements better.

    I would personally suggest Click2Protect.
    Also keep in mind that the max cover should be till 60 (years of age), not more than that.
    They do offer surplus cover, till 75 years. But that’s basically pointless and you would be loosing your money unnecessarily.


    1. Dr.Sachin says:

      dear Adityaraje1990
      Is there any special reason that you suggest Click2Protect over Aegon Religare?

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