Which Stocks To Be HOLD & SOLD ?

POSTED BY Mukesh Agarwal ON January 20, 2011 3:46 pm COMMENTS (9)

Dear All Members

I Have given a google Document link in which the given stocks are in my portfolio.


So please check the list of the holding stocks and suggest me what to do now .          Which Stocks to be HOLD or SOLD ?

And Which stocks should i buy against the sold ones ?

I can Hold these stocks as Long Term say from 7-9 years or more if target not achived.

Please suggest me as i already loose my invested money and dont want to loose any more. This is the only place where i got the right answer as there are many experts who can suggest me how to decrease losses and which stocks are better to buy for long term.



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  1. sainath says:

    I like Bharti Airtel, DLF, NTPC, Power Grid, Rel Com, Rel Indus, Tata Steel and Vijaya Bank.

  2. Atul says:

    Hi Mukesh,

    The list is big and I cannot comment individually on each stock. I hope you have done study before investing in this stock.

    7-9 years is good horizon to gain decent returns. My view would be to hold on to following shares. Bharti Airtel, NTPC, Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals,Power Grid. Only reason is that this companies have good brand name and have delivered good returns in last few years. I don’t recommend Reliance pack since I believe they are unethical in doing business. Tata’s might be going the same way, but yet to be proven.

    As far as selling is concerned, sell the stocks which are frequently traded, where promoter shareholding has gone down etc.



  3. randomguy says:

    Hi Mukesh, my 2 cents here

    Cull all the stocks in your portfolio with market value of less than Rs 5000 -even if these shares appreciate by say 100%(or more-but also risking heavier losses if you hold on to them), it is not going to make a material difference to your wealth/net worth. If your investment worth Rs 1000 appreciates 10 times(1000%), you are only going to get Rs 10,000. Will it make a difference to your wealth??

    You have over diversified using not so much money invested and that too in obscure/questionable quality companies – now you know what not to do in the future. The earlier we learn, the better.

    I like Tata steel/chemicals, RIL, Nag fert, Vijaya bank,, NTPC, NHPC in your portfolio and I wouldn’t mind owning them personally.

    Sack your broker/adviser-very important I say.

    Dont listen to friends when investing-most of them are very biased. Dont listen to hot tips floating around.

    Do your own research I say (and you have only yourself to blame) and you are capable of doing that and learning from it by the sounds of it.

    Try to figure out why you invested in the companies in the first place and why did they turn into horrible investments. What were the companies earnings you invested in? Did they go higher(surely not).

  4. rakesh says:

    Asit C Mehta, blood suckers….
    Is it a PMS service you have availed, how much they have charged you for their services.
    If you had invested in MF via SIP you would have beaten them fair and square.


    1. Debashis Basu says:

      Hi Rakesh,
      You may want to add your experience to PMS stories we are compiling at
      All the best

  5. moneysights.com says:


    I would agree with @Ramesh here. It may happen markets rise after you sell & so your stocks. but then noone can time the market. if you have strong hunch that these stocks would appreciate by 10-15% then shouldn’t you be buying more?

    I am sure if given an option like that, you wouldn’t bet on these 🙂 so, get rid of them. if they rise, attribute to “randomness” of markets, which is what drives the markets in short run.


  6. Mukesh Agarwal says:

    @ Moneysights.com

    Thanks For your Advice. Ya i know that these mini Shares are not good at all as there price are going on decreasing day by day as compared to my expection of Increasing, hehe. I buy those mini shares on tips, refering friend, brokesr etc.. & also i dont have any knowledge about Markets. But know gained some basic ideas about it from last 3 years. One more think to be asked, SHOULD I SELL THESE SHARES NOW OR WAIT SOME DAYS/MONTHS to gain Rs 10,000/15,000 in my overall portfolio ?


    1. Ramesh says:

      Totally agree with @moneysights.com

      that waiting for some days/months may also cause LOSS of 10/15k. I think you have already waited a number of months/years for that. Dont you think so?

  7. moneysights.com says:

    Hi Mukesh,

    Its good that you are willing to hold on for 7-9 years but do you think just because there are losses you should wait for break-even & then aim for higher target. I mean only to break-even on your portfolio you need an appreciation of close to 80-90%.

    Coming to the portfolio, most of the stocks are small (shall i say mini) cap companies. Further their fundamentals too look bleak. Except from Reliance Industries, Reliance Infra, Bharti, Nagar Fertilizers, Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals most of your stock choices are bad companies or companies who are “NOT the Best” in their respective industry.

    Given the above situation, I would suggest it may just be a better option to get rid of most except the names i mentioned. You may want to consider having 2nd opinion on Tata Tele, Satyam & Vijaya Bank. But otherwise, unless you know a news that needs to be believed of turn-around of these companies, just liquidate these stocks.


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