Which option is better to invest in Reliance Money Manager Fund – Growth or Dividend?

POSTED BY Raja ON April 19, 2014 9:47 pm COMMENTS (6)

Dear Brother Ashal,

i would like to  invest (emergency purpose) in “Reliance Money Manager Fund. which option is better one Growth or Dividend?

i’m waiting for your reply soon

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Raja, your personal comfort about insurer is more important than the prem. and other things. Hence I’m not recommending any individual insurer. As you are NRI, not many insurer ‘ll come forward to cover your life. Same is the case with Health insurance.



    1. Raja says:

      dear Ashal,
      Thank you very much for your responsed.


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Raja, please park in growth option only to keep the matter simple from taxation point. How? Whenever dividend ‘ll be declared and reinvested, a part of declared dividend ‘ll be paid out to Govt. of India as Dividend Distribution Tax. On the other hand, if you opt Growth option, you w’d have to pay tax only at the time of actual redemption which may happen within next 1Y or after few years. if it’s within next 1Y, the tax ‘ll be your slab rate on gains. but post 1Y, the tax rate ‘ll be 10.3% without indexation and 20.6% with indexation.

    Now you know why to invest in growth option.



    1. Raja says:

      Dear Bro. Ashal,
      Thank you very much for your good response d.

      I invest in MF per mnts 15000k.
      HDFC Top 200 – 5000
      IDFC Premier Eq – 3000
      Reliance Equ.oppo – 2000
      UTI oppor Eq Fund – 2000
      ICICI pru Focused Bluship – 3000

      As your advsd: Emergence purpose Reliance Money manager Fund – G 50000/- (i’ll increase more amount very soon).

      I should take Term Insurance (I’m NRI) & Health Insurance Policy (with Rider).
      pls. recommend me… which company? which plan?…..


      1. VinManHBK007 says:

        HDFC Click2protect is good term insurance for NRI. Recently i came across Term plans for NRI’s from Aviva, Bajaj Allianz & Kotak. You may compare them.
        On JI you can find comparison of term plans based on premium amount, claim settlement ratio & Solvency ratio of respective firms.

        1. Raja says:

          dear VinManBK007,
          Thank you very much for your responsed.


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