Which ITR should an NRI with no Indian Salary having Rental and Interest Income fill

POSTED BY niravjhala ON March 15, 2012 9:46 pm COMMENTS (7)

hello – I have two questions.

1) An NRI, I have no Indian Salary/Employer.
But I have Rental and NRO interest income. Which ITR should I use?
Tried ITR2 but EMPLOYER details are mandatory, so could not validate and compute tax.
2) About late filing penalty of INR 5000, every blog says there MAY be a penalty.
So is it discretionary? How can one avoid it especially if no tax was payable?



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  1. Huzefa says:


    I am an NRI employee in Africa in african base company. I get salary in USD in africa and I remit the same from africa to my Indian account which is normal saving account in INR.

    1. as far as I know I am not liable for filling any tax return as my income is exempt but then too please confirm.

    2. If I want to file NIL return then in which ITR I have to file and under which section.

    3. Is there any compulsion that NRI should remit their income in NRE/NRO/NRI a/c only, are they allowed to remit to their normal a/c?


    1. Hi Huzefa

      This query belongs to CA domain, hence we are not the right people to comment on this issue.

      I suggest you get in touch with a CA for this in your city.

      We also have a CA partner incase you want to explore that, Just fill in your details here and they will give you a complimentary call back



  2. KULDEEP says:


    1. Hi KULDEEP

      A CA is more qualified to answer you query, hence I suggest better get in touch one.

      We are not right people to talk on this


  3. niravjhala@hotmail.com says:

    Thank you Ashal. appreciate your response. I will try out the ‘Employer NA’ option in the Drop down menu. In fact I just wrote ‘Not Emplyed’ in that field and moved on.

    But ITR 1 will not apply for me because of the House Rental Income. I beleive that requires ITR 2 but I shall check it out.

    Again, thank for responding.

    1. Dear Nirav, if your source of income is from any or some or all of the following 3, you are eligible to fill ITR-1.

      1. Salary Income – Not applicable to you
      2. Income from house property – applicable to you
      3. Income from other sources – Read interest income, applicable to you

      So you can file ITR-1 also.



  4. Dear Niravjhala, you may use even ITR-1 also. While filling the data in the employer code, please use NA (given there in the drop down menu). Now click to validate, I was able to do so while trying as an example after reading your query, in ITR-1.

    The penalty for late filing is indeed a discretionary power resting with your assessing officer.



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