Which is the best “Unit Linked Health Insurence”?

POSTED BY Dinesh Bhat ON March 26, 2012 6:17 pm COMMENTS (9)

Dear Friends,
Do any one know the policies equivalent or better than LIC-Health Plus?
My primary needs:
— Cover upto 4-8Lakh per anum.
— Should be able to cover non hospitalization bills (ex: scanning/x-ray/medicine charges).
— Part of premium should be invested in shares (ex: LIC Health Plus policy where-in part of the premium will be invested in ULIP which can be withdrawn during the maturity or at policy surrender time).
Appreciate the help.


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  1. Dear Dinesh, what others are suggesting is to purchase a routine health insurance policy. Invest the saved prem. into normal investment oriented instruments.



  2. Dinesh Bhat says:

    Thanks Vignesh for the response and apologies for the late response. I will look at the website mentioned by you,

    — Dinesh

  3. BanyanFA says:

    Why don’t you invest into vanila health insurance rather than investment linked health plans ?


    1. Dinesh Bhat says:

      What is Vanila health insurance?

  4. Sachin says:

    AVOID your choice.

    Take three different plans :-
    1. term Plan
    2. health insurance
    3. Mutual funds

    Amount for each sub-part above will vary as per ones need. Self check what is best for you. But this vanilla flavor works best for everyone.


  5. Dear Dinesh, any specific reason to opt for investment linked health plans? Can you elaborate



    1. Dinesh Bhat says:

      Hi Ashal and Sachin,
      Thanks much for your replies. I believe Health Insurance as one of the dead investments until we claim for it. But I want to have a Health insurance to be in safer zone. Hence, I was looking for any kind of health insurance which is equivalent to LIC Health Plus, so that only part of the investment will be wasted (if I don’t claim for it).
      I am a software engineer and my company has an insurance for me which covers the hospitalization.
      I want to have a health insurance to get saved in the worse days.

      1. Dear Dinesh, till the time there is no claim, every penny paid as prem. be it for health, life, general, accidental insurance is a waste of money. But nobody, I repeat no body knows, when that claim thing ‘ll happen.

        If you are sure that you ‘l remain with your current employer till your retirement & you do not need extra health insurance, in that case, I w’d ask you to invest the prem. amount in to normal investment oriented instruments. In this case, as & when you need money for petty expenses related to health but not covered by your employer’s health insurance policy, you may redeem your money & pay for those expenses.



        1. Dinesh Bhat says:

          Hi Ashal,
          Thanks once again.
          My willingness to have medical insurance is to back up myself in the bad days (based on the same thought as you explained – I cannot expect my company to backup all the time).
          My intention is to get best out of my investment. In LIC Health Plus Policy, there will be some amount of sum assured (health insurance) (ex: If I pay a premium of 10000p.a, I will get a cash of 1,500p.d on hospitalization) – This is my understanding. Please correct me if I am wrong.
          So with the above mentioned plan, I will be covered (for medical) and also, part of the premium will be invested on the share market which I can sell of while withdrawing/surrendering the policy.


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