which is the best ulip

POSTED BY Sagar ON March 7, 2011 5:06 pm ONE COMMENT

Friend I know ULIP is not a good option for investment, but if we study all plans which plan is the best. (Ulip / Retirement Plan / Children Plan) and why?

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  1. Sagar

    You are mistakan. “ULIPs are bad” is not a generic statement . Its unsuitable for many , but a lot of people use ULIP successfully and in right way . Yes costs are high , but if you know the tricks of markets and can use switching facility in correct manner , you can make more money than mutual funds .

    COming back to your questions . You can take each ulip and compare its overall allocation charges + other charges in fine-prints .

    I recently saw a Aegon religare Ulip , it seemed to be low cost , but i dont conclude that .


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