Which is safe and best way of investment for Plot or Independent Home ?

POSTED BY Venu Rao ON May 16, 2014 9:45 am ONE COMMENT

Dear all this is Venu Rao,

I am presently working in coal india from past one month,unmarried and still had 30 years of retirement and living in company quarter.

My mother is pensioner around 8k per month.

My mother got death benefits of my late father around 60L.As we don\’t own any plot and home still now planning to buy plot or home in other state (native place)

Kindly advice me on below,

1) Can I invest in plots on gated way community ( township provided by builder) is it safe against encroachment as I wont built home around 20 years from now.

2) can I buy independent home and rent it so that I give me income (don\’t want to leave home ideal security issue).

3) Do fixed deposit all amount in bank and wait for some time.

Kindly advice

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  1. Sambaran Mitra says:

    Are you sure that you want to invest through real estate only?
    Real estate investment has got the following problems:
    1. This investment forces you into corruption.
    2. Buying/selling real estate is very hassle prone.

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