Which Insurance policy I should recommend to my maid servant ?

POSTED BY narora ON October 4, 2014 9:47 am COMMENTS (5)

I want to recommend a insurance policy to my maid servant ( 40 yrs) so that she has something to fall back on in her old age. Since she has maximum trust on LIC , which is the best single premium endowment plan that I should recommend ?

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  1. santy221 says:

    Wow Manish… That’s an excellent suggestion! To create more awareness, why do u do a full feature on this in your blog! A lot of young professionals are your audience and they would definitely like the idea and be willing to do it.

    The more I read, more I am impressed. Always had wondered how to educate the poor workers. This is an excellent solution. Do we know who is the team behind it?

    1. Hi Santosh

      Yes I am going to cover it very soon on blog , thats the plan 🙂 .. as of now go ahead ..

  2. Raja says:

    insurance for what purpose? health, life, accident, illness?

  3. Hemanth says:

    No endowment plans please.

    For insurance, only take term insurance.

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