Which Health insurance to buy. Please give a couple of options..

POSTED BY yogjeet1984 ON December 2, 2014 5:04 pm NO COMMENTS

Hi, I am looking to buy a health insurance and currently in a little confusion as to which company to go for as the market is full of endless options. I have already read many related articles in your forum but couldn’t find particular suggestions. I can tell you briefly what I need and if anyone of your experts can give me 2-3 options that’ll be great:

1. I am currently 30 years old and need Floater cover for me, my wife and my parents. My Dad is 61 years old and my Mom is 58. I have no kids yet.

2. Looking for a cover of around 10 lacs with premium not more than 30-35K per annum.

3. Company has a good market reputation of claim settlements.

4. In future if I need to include my children, the policy should allow me.

5. Critical illness coverage would be an advantage.

Would be really thankful if i can get couple of policy options or even 1 policy that fulfills all 🙂   Regards, Yogjeet

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