Which debt fund will suit me best?

POSTED BY SK ON July 25, 2013 3:35 pm COMMENTS (4)

Need advice on where to invest so as to be able to liquidate after 4 years 

My risk tolerance is moderate. I do not wish to invest in FD or any equity funds.

Which type of debt fund will be best for me? GILT Long term? or income? or any other?

Will appreciate naming one or two best debt funds which suit my needs.

Cheers for Jago Investor!

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  1. Dear SK, invest in any Gilt fund or Income fund as the time frame is 5Y.



  2. Dear SK, are you going to invest in Lump sum or SIPs?



    1. SK says:

      Dear Ashal,
      1. I wish to park some LS this month iteself.

      2. I wish to start an SIP too. I will need the money approx after 5 years.

      I will need the money approx after 5 years and hence will have to liquidate the corpus from both the investments after 5 years.

  3. BanyanFA says:


    Based upon your risk appetite and time horizon, you could split your debt portfolio into :
    1. 100% debt- you could go for something like a Birla Sunlife Medium Term Plan or even Birla Sunlife Dynamic Bond Fund. Expected returns would be around 9-10% in this fund

    2. 80% debt – 20% equity – you could invest in Monthly Income Plans such as Reliance MIP or HDFC MIP. If you need more understanding on MIP, you could refer http://insight.banyanfa.com/monthly-income-plans-from-mutual-funds/

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