Which credit card to use with easy payment option and no/less annual charges!

POSTED BY Santosh Mahajan ON June 15, 2013 10:14 pm COMMENTS (2)


I have SBI maxgain home loan account as well as auto loan(advantage auto).

I read forum on how to maximize the maxgain feature.

So now I want to take the credit card which caters to,

1. Easy payment option.

2. No/Less annual fees.

3. Good rewards on petrol filling.

I have saving account in HDFC,Axis and SBI. Salary account in Axis and saving account in HDFC and SBI(linked to home loan and car loan).

I have been happy customer using HDFC credit card, which is going to expire this month. Should I renew it or take a new one from other bank.

I never missed a single credit card payment and I guess my CIBIL is 930/948 something.

So experts, can you please tell me which credit card should I choose to maximize maxgain? 




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  1. Mohit Kumar says:

    HSBC credit cards are also considered very good in terms of charges and customer care. For example, one of my friend has got one HSBC credit card and if he spends minimum Rs. 20,000 in a year then there are no annual charges. He is totally satisfied with them.

  2. Dear Santosh, please continue using HDFC as it’s one of the best card ihn terms of EMi tie up with many online portals.

    Applying new CC may invite some trouble as you are already running 2 credit lines (Car & home loans). So why are taking chances for a new CC?



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