Which Category I fall in term insurance, If I smoked for 3 months

POSTED BY goru.ravindra ON July 29, 2014 10:03 am COMMENTS (8)

Dear Team,

I am going to take term plan. Actually, what my query is – I was smoking very rarely (means 3 months once) till 2013. Now I stopped smoking since 8 months. Now i don’t understand which category will i go? Now i think that i can go as non smoker. Is it right?

Please suggest me

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  1. Dr.Sachin says:

    They do tests to detect nicotine (or its metabolite cotinine) in ur urine. And i guess they do this even if u declare ursef as non-smoker. As per my knowledge its based on the result of this test that they approve u as smoker or non-smoker.
    For long term smokers, it takes weeks to become their urine nicotine/cotinie free.
    Considering the time span u provided u might fall in the non-smoker category based on the tests, as they can be negative in ur case.
    This is my understanding abt this. U may ask for advises from other sources too and then only decide

    1. goru.ravindra says:

      Thank you so much sir for your valuable information

      1. Dr.Sachin says:

        Let us know the results/outcome too. Thnx

      2. Dr.Sachin says:

        Dear Goru.Ravindra.
        The advise that i received from financial advisers is that, Let the test result be positive or negative but its always better to disclose he matter that u were a smoker. And even if they increase ur premium, take that as a advantage. Because later during claim, they can deny the claim stating that u failed to dislcose these matters.
        Kindly let us know how did u proceed and what was the result

  2. Joker says:

    I believe you will fall under SMOKER category. It depends on the insurer too. Check with the insurance company and tell them that you smoked 8 months back. They will let you know the category in which you fall under. Some insurer will put you under non-smoker and some under smoker category. Do check with the insurer before opting one. Also, never hide any information from them. Since you were a smoker 8 months back, you must tell them that you did and let the insurer decide the category.

    1. goru.ravindra says:

      Thanks for your quick reply. Can you suggest me those companies which will consider me as non smoker.

      Thank you

      1. sr.sivamohan@gmail.com says:

        I would suggest get a medical check to find any traces of nicotine in your system and then approach insurer as smoker/non-smoker.

        Don’t hide the facts.

        1. goru.ravindra says:

          Thank you so much sir for your valuable information

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