Which broker to choose for Demat & Trading account? Please help.

POSTED BY mohit jain ON August 6, 2012 4:23 pm COMMENTS (7)

I have decided to open accounts in one of the following two companies-

SMC Online

I am a student and maximum investment that I could do is Rs. 2000. I would be investing only in equities in delivery medium (No intraday). Mostly for mid-term or long-term.

Following are the charges by these companies-


account opening charge=500/-
brokerage=0.1% or Rs. 20 whichever is lower
demat transaction charge while selling shares=9/- per transaction


account opening charge=599/-
AMC=nil for lifetime
demat transaction charge while selling shares=12/- per transaction

Which broker should I choose?

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking to enter into trading for the first time and am confused in terms of selection of a stock broker. I have been reading stuff online (infact attaching one such reference along).

    Would appreciate your thoughts on it.

    1. Sorry, we are not the right platform for that discussion .

      All I can say is start small and gradually increase your bets !

  2. mohit jain says:

    As of now, I would be investing in good companies (a few 10 or 20 shares according to money I have) for long term. As I have already stated, I’m interested only in delivery, no intraday trading. So no need of analyzing stocks daily.

    I have talked to both brokerage houses, no minimum investment commitment required.

    I don’t understand this line- “There will be few shares in lots of 100 (which are easily sold/bought, while uneven lots which are not in multiples of 100 cost higher)”. Please explain it.

    1. Ramesh says:

      I do not think that your approach of finding Only 10-20 companies is as easy as you seem to be thinking.
      You will have to analyze 100 to find 10. And you will have to do that regularly, not daily. It is a big task. Read some analyses and views of others who do this and publish it too.
      Then you need to see if your approach is growth-style or value-style. Top down approach or bottoms up approach. Fundamental or technical or some combo.
      It is not that you have bought RIL and now you can sit back and watch the money grow multiple times.

      Regarding my statement, if you buy 10 shares of a company, and since that is part of 100 and not a multiple, there can be multiple transactions of eg 2, 5, 3 and not a single one of 10. Multiple(s) of 100 are easier but not always.

      Think a lot before you commit your money. Without proper and regular analysis, you are just gambling.

  3. Ramesh says:

    I am not sure that investing 2k (per month, i guess) requires you to open a brokerage account. Too small an amount.

    Can you tell, what are you going to buy with that small amount. There will be no diversification. There will be few shares in lots of 100 (which are easily sold/bought, while uneven lots which are not in multiples of 100 cost higher).

    What is the roadmap?

    This is not a discouragement, but first thinking and then doing is better than the reverse. Rs 500/599 are 25-30% of your 2k.

    Plus, you are student. Will you have time to do stock analysis?

  4. mohit jain says:

    And one thing more, I would like to use browser-based method only for transactions/trading.

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