Whether Unique TDS Certificate Number is mandatory in TDS2

POSTED BY Yogesh K ON June 26, 2013 5:58 pm COMMENTS (3)

I am filling ITR2. In section (worksheet) ‘TDS’ I want to enter values for bank interest in Schedule TDS2. Column ‘F’ asks for ‘Unique TDS Certificate Number’.  If I do not enter Unique TDS Certificate Number’ then also it accepts it during validation stage. Please let me know if I keep that field blank then whether there will be any problem in filing tax returns?

I have observed that if I refer “Form 26AS” online then there is no such certificate number. So to get such number one needs to visit bank to get physical copy of Form 16A.  In case of TDS certificate from SBI then that number exists oo Form 16A. SBI deducts tax quarterly and hence there are such 4 certificate numbers. In that case whether the person needs to enter separate entry for each certificate ?

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  1. VSTANEJA says:


  2. Dear Yogesh, TAN is important.



  3. Genoa says:

    It’s not necessary to fill in unique certificate number. Just make sure other values like TAN, date and amount deposited is correct

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