Where to seek Professional advice as said in the show Plan F ?

POSTED BY deepakjindal7 ON December 27, 2013 6:12 pm COMMENTS (3)

In the show of Plan F, it was asked to seek professional advice before investing, where to seek this advice from ?

I have defined my goals for investment but not able to understand where to invest !

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  1. deepakjindal7 says:

    I am ready to pay the fee since nothing comes for free. Please provide the contact details or email ID

    1. Hi Deepak

      Please be a informed investor . First decide what you want to happen in your financial life, read on internet if you could do it yourself. If you just need clarifications of some points, ask them on this forum and we all can help you . there is no fees to be paid here , its the minimum what you can get without paying anything.

      Also while choosing a paid financial advisor, make sure you have all the options and see your comfort level . There are many people who are comfortable with face to face conversation, if thats the case with you, there are good advisors in your city, you can choose from them . If you are ok with online option, you have options like jagoinvestor or even Ashal helps investors on paid basis . You can choose anyone , which works for you .

      Also I suggest you read our 3 books – http://www.jagoinvestor.com/book and I think it should be good enough to give you lots of information


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Depak, if you are ready to pay the fe of professional advice, please contact the owner of this site dear Manish/Nandish os some other financial planner.



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