Where to invest the retirement corpus?

POSTED BY Aseef ON April 7, 2012 2:50 pm COMMENTS (5)

I have investments in ppf ,FDs and mutual funds from which I am expecting a retirement corpus of 50 lakhs after 20 years when i am 53.
What are the avenues to invest this money so as to get a decent monthly pension of around rs 50000?

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  1. Conservative estimate can be your corpus to earn around 8% . Smart plan can yield upt 10%.

    Lot depends on your income or tax bracket then. For example LVB is offering 10.75% intersest is best for senior citizen with low income. Then you have the CSB bank offering attractive interest rates.

  2. aseefth@rediffmail.com says:

    dear experts,
    Thanks for your response.
    I am 33 now,planning to retire at 55.I have above mentioned investments that may provide a corpus of around 50lacs at 2034,after family expenses.
    Since i am in pvt sector and no pension ,i am looking for schemes that provide steady monthly income
    after I retire.
    How much monthy income can i expect with a corpus of 50lacs?

    1. Dear Aseefth, Good part is you are saving. Better part is your investing in different asset class, Debt, Eq. Best part is you are thinking seriously for your retired life.

      Bad part is you do not have any pension system to fall back on as you are pvt. employee & you are not alone. Worse part is you have to create your retirement funding on your own. Worst part is – nobody knows what ‘ll be the future return for those 50L Rs. retirement fund.

      In my opinion, you have time on your side, so first of please do not let yourself down. Instead of thinking just 50L Rs. try to increase your mly saving rate on per year basis. Even if you are adding 10% extra every year than prev. year, you can reach to your basic target of 50L Rs. well before the age you are targeting. By the way, as of now do not focus on future return from your corpus in year 2034-35-38-40……………



  3. Dear Aseef, are you going to retire now are merely asking for future planning purpose. Please clarify?



  4. Sir,

    You never know what would be the scene after one year. 20 years is long time. It is hard to predict the best products of future.

    For now, there are senior citizen saving scheme, there are bank FD that are giving good returns for senior citizens.

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