where to invest Rs60000 for 20 yrs

POSTED BY sonali ON October 14, 2010 10:10 am COMMENTS (5)

i m getting rs60000 bonus this deewali.where exactly to invest for maximum returns.i can take risk too.pls advice

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  1. Manish Bansal says:

    Invest in Equity MF through SIP
    First invest it in Debt fund then thru SIP go to Equity and keep eye on retursn and funds performance and reshuffle the fund if required

  2. bharat shah says:

    whether sip or single shot, you can invest in 1 or 2 of following diversified mutual funds:

    1.hdfc equity 2. fidelity equity 3. quantum long term equity 4. templton india growth 5. hdfc top 200 6. icici pru dynamic 6.uti dividend yield plus

  3. Arch says:

    You may want to invest in debt for 2-3 months till the markets correct a little or do a SIP if you want to start investing immediately. Doing single shot investment may not be best when the markets are at peak.

  4. Sonali

    You have to be in Equity only for next 20 yrs , Debt is not a place to be in for long term .
    You can invest in Equity mutual funds or if you want to take less risk , then balanced funds .


  5. For such a long time, I suggest you to invest in Equity Diversified mutual funds like Reliance Regular Savings Fund and/or HDFC Top 200 (both with growth option). You’ll create good wealth in 20 years.

    Hope it will help you.

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