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hi manish,

i am 21yrs old and earnin about 25k.. i can invest about 12-13k every month but i don no where to invest.. i went through so many articles of u and finally arrived with some places where i can put my money.. 1) mutual funds(about 4 sip of monthly inst 500rs) 2) ppf 3) term insurance 4) i don want to invest in stocks directly 5) ulip’s if u suggest 6) some amt in fd and recur deposit…

please guide me with the amount to invest in these things.. my goal is to get about 1crore when i turn 60 


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  1. piyush augustine says:

    why are you not get term insurance firstly and health plan. then after think about investament

  2. witness3532 says:

    My Friend,

    Leave all investment options aside. Focus on SIP’s.

    It’s the best instrument for creating wealth.

    Consider investing in following MF’s

    HDFC TOP 200

    Start with SIP’s,the rest is all managable with little effort & money


  3. raju says:

    3-4 mutual funds in SIPs(Rs 2000 each) to mix up with Large cap,mid cap for 2-3 years,
    then start investing in direct equity.
    Term Insurance policy
    Medical insurance policy

    I suggest not to go with any PPF,which is not liquid,build some emergency fund with sweep in fixed deposits.


  4. Anand says:

    1 crore as retirement amount is very less, my friend.
    Please search what is inflation and what is its effect.

    You should have that much corpus which should give you monthly income of at least 1 lakh post-retirement. Please correct the income (increase only) if someone disagrees.

  5. bharat shah says:

    i concur with ramesh’s views!

  6. Nikhil Parchure says:

    I think you have got it right very early in your age.. Good

    My views ( 12 K saving )

    1) Equity – Study and try hands at it ( Best possible returns if wisely invested). At your age if you dont have high liability you should take some highre risk – 3K / month
    2) Mutual funds – 6 K / month ( 3 SIPS , Rs 2000 each )
    3) PPF – 2k / month
    4) Term insurance – 500 ( at your age you can get 25- 30 Lac insurance at around 4-5 K based on your liability)
    5) Medical insurance – 500 ( Medical insurance, Individual or Family floater to cover your parents.This is not investment but a must )

    I think if you do MF investment itself you will easily achieve 1 crore till you reach 60. But is 1 crore enough considering inflation , please revisit your goals.

    Nikhil Parchure

    1. Ramesh says:


      Just for discussion part. (Do not take it personally). I have issues with all your suggestions!
      1. Equity direct. Not advisable at all for him, since he has no knowledge about it. Actually, 95% of individual investors do not have the required knowledge to directly invest in equities. Best possible returns can easily turn in zero / bleak returns.
      2. Why 3 funds and not 1? Invest in a single multicap fund, through smooth and rough times of market as well as the fund also.
      3. PPF at such a young age. Less than inflation returns for long term growth does not work.
      4. Without knowing the status of the financial dependency, I dont think insurance is advisable.

      Well, I absolutely agree with the last point. 1 crore at 60 years (39 years in future).


      1. Ankur Lakhia says:

        I agree with what Ramesh says, particularly for direct equity investing and for PPF. Investing in direct equity without knowing much about equity investing and locking in money for 15 years in PPF at very young age are two very common mistakes people make.

        1. bkkumar56 says:

          Dear Rameshji,

          I agree with your advice.

          However I slightly differ with your opinion regarding investment in PPF. It cannot betaken as waste. After implementing DTC, PPF will be a beneficial choice for EEE regime. Considering its safety one cannot simply ignore it. One can start a PPF a/c and invest only Rs500/-as minimum amt per F.year to keep it going.

  7. Ramesh says:

    See this article.


    And though you have made efforts for learning, it is my sincere advise to get a decent financial planner for yourself. 🙂


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