Where to invest for long term?

POSTED BY Jai Priye Prakash ON February 24, 2011 11:17 am COMMENTS (2)

I am 21 years. Joines my first job. I get Rs. 25000 p.m. The job has pension after retirement. Since I live with my parents, I have per-month surplius of Rs. 10,000. Where and in what manner should I park this surplus? I am looking for financial planning for my life-time – long horizon. My salary will increase only and I have no liabilities at least for next 10 years. Thereafter, normal liabilities of life (family, child-birth, their education etc. etc.) will present themselves. Can you please give some tips?

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  1. bcskal says:

    1) You can invest in GOLD ETFs (or) E-series products of NSEL, by taking the respective demat a/c, and start accumulating your wealth. Then later on, during your marriage (or) later, you can sell these units for making big profits.
    2) You can invest in stock market from May-15th to Dec.15th, when the market is rising.
    3) You can invest in Fixed Deposits in banks/companies, which will offer interest rate of more than 10% for one year to two years.
    Best of luck. You can mail me at :bcskal@rediffmail.com

  2. Rajesh says:

    Hi Jai,
    The legendary investor, Warren Buffet, said “I bought my first share at age 11 and I now regret that I started too late!”
    It is absolutely wonderful to see such a vivid question being asked by a 21 year old! Very few people decide on such a disciplined way of planning for once finances…
    Before you take your plunge, there are a few things that you need to do.
    Let me give you a bit of a homework and come back to answer more in detail.
    Do go through this page for a start – http://bit.ly/gLBXBd
    Happy informed investing…

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