Where has my EPF gone ? Please help me find out

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Hi Everyone!

This is the first time I am asking a question and I hope to get some good tips and insights from all of you experienced folks.

I have been working with ABC company from 2007 – 2010 and my EPF was being accumulated for these 3 years. On leaving ABC company i joined PQR company in 2010 and they had not included PF as part of the salary structure so I wasn’t accumulating any PF with them. Like all educated illiterates, I never bothered to check my PF as I trusted that things were probably going well and my money… well where could my money go???

I was in for a rude shock when I left company PQR in Feb 2012 and joined my current company XYZ. They created a separate PF account for me and started depositing my PF into that. They also initiated the process of transferring my PF from company ABC into the new PF account.

The shock was Manish’s article on PF disappearing from several people’s accounts, the dormant ones. Mine was one such account that I never bothered to check and so I logged into the EPF account, both the old and new and was shocked to see Balance of only 750 in the new EPF account and their records were not updated since June 2012. It was explained to me that the PF from Feb 2012 when i joined company XYZ till date was showing up as the balance. I even requested for a passbook. And with the transfer in progress, the previous account created by company ABC was now non-existent.

How do I find out where my PF from 2007 – 2010 went ?????

My company is trying to help me but they wont follow up as extensively as I would like them to.

If anyone can share some tips and contacts of people who can help, I would be very grateful. My PF account is with the Bandra west branch.

Looking forward to your advice,


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  1. curiousraj says:

    File an RTI to the EPF Office for EPF A/C created by ABC Company.

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