Where from Historical data of CRISIL Balanced Fund Index can be obtained?

POSTED BY Purnachander ON August 26, 2011 4:45 pm COMMENTS (5)

Is it possible to get CRISIL Balanced Fund Historiacl data from any website? I have looked in “www.crisil.com”, however, failed to view data anywhere.


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  1. Dear Purna, Please check the following link & ask the required data from crisil people itself.




  2. What data you need ?

    1. Purnachander says:

      Dear Manish,

      I’m looking for data of various index’s mentioned in the following link:



      1. lohithreddy says:

        hi friend

        i am working on project regarding mutualfunds …me too need the data regading various index’s . did u got the data regarding indices ?

        pls …..reply

        1. Purnachander says:

          Dear Lohith,

          No, I couldn’t get historical data of Indices associated with CRISIL. I too woud like to know, if you succeed.


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