Where do i invest extra for SIP?

POSTED BY avi ON November 11, 2011 7:06 pm COMMENTS (5)

Hi All,

Im doing SIP in

Hdfc top 200…………………..Rs 4000
DSP top 100…………………..Rs 2000
Relaince growth………………Rs 1000
Relaince regular savings…..Rs 1000
Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(G) ….Rs 3000

RD@8000/pm for meeting annual expenditure such as
car insurance and ULIP in dec,
annual ration procurement in jan and
term insurance and college fees in june,

Other than that i have EPF@2000pm

Company insurance@4000pm

Now i have to invest Rs 1000 more as SIP also planning to have a kid in next 3 yrs till wanted to save someting throuh sip of Rs 1700.

PLease suggest any modification in above portfolio and also where should i invest the above mentioned amounts.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Dear Avinash, no need to stop that 1700 Rs. SIP after 3Y, you may keep on investing. Regarding your requirement of funds after 3Y, you may book profits from all funds. Remember the amount ‘ll be tax free.



  2. Avinash Borse says:

    Thanks all will surelly look into your suggestions,as of now i think i’ll increase sip in DSP Top 100 as per ashal jauhari.

    Regarding that Rs 1700 i may keep that sip only for next 3 yrs, then i’ll withdraw that money and stop sip , shud i still invest that money in one of above mentioned folios?


  3. Dear Avinash, my take, please add SIP on a different date in DSP Top 100. Rest is ok.



  4. Avinash

    You are looking at one SIP per Goal way .. So for anything new in your life you are looking for a new SIP , while thats not completely wrong , one might be overdoing it and adding a unneccesary confusion .

    Just continue investments in the same funds you have , you already have good funds with you .


  5. TheZionView says:

    i am not sure of performance of Relaince growth and Relaince regular savings you might want to take a call on it after some time

    Why are you looking for another fund..just pool in the extra money into existing fund..preferably HDFC TOP200

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