Suggest me for to Invest ……….!

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Hi All


I am 30 years Unmarried and having Salary of 30 K + 9 K Quarterly. At present I have 3 Regular Policies                                                                                                                                             1.Life Stage Pension Advantage    25 K Yearly (3 Premium Paid……….not decided yet )

2. AEGON Religare iMaxmize           2 K Monthly (Started April’12………for 3 to 5 yrs )

3. Tata AIA Mahalife                       3.2 K Monthly (Started Sept’ 12……………continue for 15 yrs )


Mutual Fund ICICI Tax Saver   75 K…………for 3 yrs Locking Period , withdraw as per Market Trend

Apart from that 1.25 Lakh Fixed Deposit and 50 K to 60 K in Kissan Vikas Patra.


Question needs your Suggestion

Now I am thinking to start 2 K Monthly in MF ICICI Discovery Fund for Long Term (10 yrs + )

And think to start 7.5 K Monthly RD in the Bank…………….pls suggest any better option apart from that

I am considering 5 K Monthly in Policies, 2 K for Charity, 10 K for myself …………….left  13 K.

 Rest I want to Invest Direct in Market also !


Thanks In Advance for your Advice.


Have A Nice Day !



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  1. please refer to my response here


    this cover most of your questions.

    The point is the first step is to differentiate bet short term goals and long term goals

    you save for short term goals and invest for long term goals

    list down all your goals, use a goal planner to find out how much to invest and then think about investing

    You can use this goal planner if you wish:

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