When Will my Max Life Insurance ULIP policy Break Even ?

POSTED BY nkldce ON January 9, 2014 10:33 am COMMENTS (3)

I have max life ulip policy. looking at the present value I am at loss of @ 20000 equivalent to its first premium. i have one premium left for five years completion. when i will break even??? the policy is fortune builder and premium is 25000.

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  1. MaxLifeIns says:

    Dear nkldce,
    We have not heard from you and hence are unable to address your concern. Incase you have any queries / concerns please write to us at care@maxlifeinsurance.com
    Max Life Insurance

  2. MaxLifeIns says:

    Dear nkldce,
    Greetings from Max Life Insurance!

    Life insurance is a long term savings and protection solution hence evaluating it from a short term perspective may not be correct. To realize the full potential of the policy, we suggest you stay invested for the entire term of the policy. However, to check indicative returns please refer to the illustration provided along with your policy. You may also send us your contact details and our customer service representative will call you to resolve your query.

    Max Life Insurance

  3. There can never be a guarantee like this, simply because its not a guaranteed plan . Its a market linked plan . If market does not perform there will be further loss, but if markets do very well, you will soon break even and then get profits !


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