What will be LIC Jeeven Anand Policy Maturity amount if I stop paying premium ?

POSTED BY Deepak Kumar ON January 19, 2014 6:59 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello Members

I have a question regarding LIC Jeven Anand Policy, i have taken this policy in year of 2013 April and only 1 installment has been pain. i am 27 and my policy details are below :

Policy Name – Jeven Anand

SA – 2000000, Term – 16 Years, Yearly Premium – 138282

My question is shall i continue this policy, if i continue what will be total maturity amount after 16 years. Thanks in advance for any suggestions .

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Deepak, in case of Jeevan Anand, the final return to you ‘ll be in the range of 5-6%, if you continue the policy. When inflation is above 11%, ‘ll you be happy for such growth? As you have just paid one prem. forget it. Book your loss in it and purchase a term cover for your insurance needs and opt pure investment instruments like FDs, PF, PPF, MFs for your investment needs.



  2. Deepak Kumar says:

    Dear Ashal, Thanks for your reply. I could not find specific post related to my query. Could you please suggest LIC Jeven Anand policy with such a high Premium would be wise to continue in long run. As i paid only 1 premium if stop now i will not get anything as per policy.

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Deepak, please read so many past discussion here for the said policy. you ‘ll get an automatic answer.



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