what should be my current Investment for a better future with a long term growth?

POSTED BY Mr. Jain ON October 23, 2010 11:33 am ONE COMMENT

I have come across this page the very first time and I really Thanks 4 a Gr8 and a healthy site. I want to invest a sum of Rs.5  lacs for a long period . I plan to invest the same in Mutual Funds-equity- growth. Which would be the suggested funds (for A long period) and what should be the investment way i.e. SIP, STP or Lumpsum. I doubt the funds which have given a good return, will they continue with positive returns even for the future.  
Looking for your reply at the earliest.
Mr. Jain

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  1. bharat shah says:

    better you do with help of ‘valueresearchonline.com’. recently they made new classification of the mutual funds, which seems very useful. however better you go sip route. some of diversified funds to check:
    large caps: dspblackrock top100, f.t. bluechip, hdfc sensex plus
    large & mid caps: hdfc top 200, fidelity equity, dspblackrock opportunities
    multicaps: quantum long term, hdfc equity , uti div.yield
    mid & small caps: bsl dividend yield plus, idfc premier equity, ing div. yield
    balanced (equity oriented hybrid): hdfc prudence
    expert says to select m.f. so as investments in mid small caps do not increase more than 30%.
    it is better to have @20% of debt m.f. / other fixed interest avenues of total investment for safety on equity downtrens

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