What is the procedure to complain regarding ATM issue ?

POSTED BY Dhanasekar ON January 3, 2014 12:20 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi dear Experts and friends,

Wish you all a very happy and Healthy new year… Here i have a situation. pl help me to trigger this out

My wife is maintaining an account with Bank of Baroda in Chennai branch, she handed over her Debit card to my brother for withdrawal 25k as she is sick,

He used that debit card to withdraw money from State bank of Mysore, Chennai branch. my brother withdrawn only 20k and there was some problem in between the process, he has entered first time 5k, but he din’t taken print out of receipt. but the transaction was success. second time he entered 10k, but he got a some error msg. third time he tried and succeed to get 10k out, again fourth time he used and got msg ” Withdrawal limit exceed” . but he was sure about withdrawal limit is 25k, so he tried again. at fifth time he got another 5k.

Here my wife got msg alert in mobile phone for withdrawal of 20k (5+10+5) totally. but from her balance shows all transaction successful and totally 40k debited.

When she gone directly to branch office about complaining, they asked for the receipts, she showed all four receipts except the first one as my brother din’t take that. initially they simply told your complaint will be rejected if you cant produce all your receipts, but later after some argument they accepted her written complaint. they said” we will forward your letter to higher authority, it will be credited in another 2 days. If not we cant do anything”

Now its 4 days completed and money is not credited, we try to register complaint to customer care, but no one is answering, we tried even to head office no, they are advising to contact local branch for processing, but they are not helpful.

For your information:

She has submitted all the original receipts, She din’t get any acknowledgement from bank like, complaint no etc

As i am marine guy, in sailing ship. cant extend my help towards my family. so pl advice what can be done to get back my hard earned money.

Thanks In advance

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Dhansekar, relax and wait for at least 10 days. then ask your wife to contact branch again. For delayed payment, as per RBI guidelines, your wife is entitled for interest, so do not worry on delay part.



    1. Dhanasekar says:

      Thank you so much for the kind advice sir,

      Sure i will wait…

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