What is the procedure for forclosure of Loan against property with DHFL ?

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Dear Sir:

I had availed a 50L Loan against property from BHW @11.5% variable in 2007.  This company changed to Deutshche Post Bank, Then First Blue, now it is DHFL.  The interest rate is showing as 17.35%.

I want to foreclose this next month.  How can I understand that I am not being taken for a ride.  Due to various financial difficulties I had faced during the tenure of this I had repeatedly asked for a reduction in EMI but they constantly refused citing some reason or the other despite(to my knowledge) RBI guidelines existing in 2008 to offset economic downturn in world markets to restructure loans as a lot of people were out of jobs.

Hence, I would be greatful if you could guide me in accomplishing this fairly.  Their foreclosure quote reflects – principal outstanding+installments overdue+interest for the current month+foreclosure charges+late payment charges+cheque bouncing charges+foreclosure quotation charges+document retrieval charges.


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  1. Hemanth Chandra says:

    RBI circular says that there should not be any foreclosure charges for any floating rate loan….


  2. Credexpert says:

    Dear Sir,

    Firstly, we suggest you to check with DHFL regarding the high interest rate being charged currently. It seems unusual that your interest rate has increased by over 6%. What does your original loan agreement specify in this regard?

    Also, they cannot charge any foreclosure charges. As per RBI and NHB guidelines, no foreclosure charges are applicable to all floating rate loans.

    Also, check with them with regards to foreclosure quotation charges and document retrieval charges.


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