What is the ideal Mix: FI Bluchip+QLTE+PPFAS

POSTED BY Reji m ON July 26, 2013 11:25 am COMMENTS (13)

Right now I am investing in Franklin India Bluechip Fund and Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund.

I am planning to add PPFAS Long Term Value as part of modifying my portfolio.  I am planning to follow this investment allocation(%):

Franklin India Bluechip Fund -50 %
PPFAS Long Term Value-35%
Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund -15%

Is this mix OK? Pls refer the stock overlap table below.

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  1. bharat shah says:

    appreciate your point of view for investing in foreign companies.

  2. Kuntal says:

    Mr Bharat Shah,
    You have rightly pointed out that PPFAS mutual fund does not have a long history.
    However, the foreign investment of PPFAS is mainly in America & other developed countries. TIEI’s foreign investment is mainly in other developing countries like China, Turkey.
    So TIEI+PPFAS combined can give you better international diversification.
    Moreover, as foreign investment upper limit in both these funds is capped at 35%, so the tax treatment of both is like normal equity funds.


  3. bharat shah says:

    two , FIBC and QLTE are o.k. as they got long term (more than 7 yrs here!) performance history , but for PPFAS , if you are not inclined for foreign companies, better to wait, or you can compare it with others like TIEI or other having foreign companies. for trying new funds, i like to point out MOSt 25 from MOTIWAL OSWAL (if you believe them having good investment process) .

  4. Dear Reji, there is no such thing called Ideal or perfect. The one you are OK with, is perfect for you.



  5. Gotu says:

    Thanks Kuntal!

  6. Kuntal says:

    Hi Gotu,
    Go to Morningstar India- tools- Instant Xray- type name of funds- click on Portfolio overlap.


  7. Gotu says:

    Hi Reji,

    Can you pl. share the source for above comparison of funds? I mean is it possible to compare online stock overlap in different funds?


  8. sunil says:

    Thanks Reji.

  9. Reji m says:

    PPFA: Normal plan 2.5 and Direct is 2%

  10. sunil says:

    Thanks Kuntal,

    Additiona to that, what is the Expenses charged by PPFAS, i have searched but with no luck?

  11. Kuntal says:

    Mr Sunil,
    You can see the portfolio of PPFAS at:
    1> Factsheet- june 2013 at amc.ppfas.com
    2> Valueresearchonline
    3> Morningstar india.


  12. sunil says:

    Dear Mr.Reji,

    Can i request you the source of Portfolio for PPFAS? – A link can be helpful.

    1. Kuntal says:

      Mr Reji M,
      I think that a good mix is one which you are personally comfortable with. I think it is fine,
      be happy with your choice, dont worry about micro-adjustments.
      By the way, I started SIPs from this month only-
      1. Franklin india bluechip
      2. Quantum long term equity
      3. Templeton india equity income
      4. PPFAS long term value
      Equal allocation to all 4 funds.


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