What is the correct time to invest in PPF

POSTED BY Vikram Gautam ON August 7, 2013 7:01 pm COMMENTS (6)

Hi Friends,

I have some doubts regarding PPF : 

1. What is the correct time for invest in PPF..?

(As i come to know one year period is calculated from March, So if i invest in the month of August, then i think August to March period will not be calculate..? Do i get any interest for this period? Should i wait for next March..? )

2. Which are the preferred Banks to open the PPF Account ?

3. I wants to open PPF account with SBI, If i don’t have my Bank Account in SBI, can i submit the money online in PPF Account. 


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  1. Sumanth says:

    Dear Vikram,

    You can open a PPF account with SBI and since recent times ICICI is also providing PPF Account and its upto you to decide which to prefer

    In SBI for opening a PPF account you need to have a Savings Account with SBI, the reason being your PPF account will be linked to your Savings Account and the online transfer is really good, if you dont have a Savings account with SBI then you can open one and link your PPF account for the same.

    I have no idea with the mechanism of ICICI, please have the details of the both and then decide.


  2. Genoa says:

    1. 1st to 5th April of every year is best time to invest

    2. SBI & ICICI allow setting up auto debit from your savings account to PPF account. They also offer online PPF account facility

    3. You can transfer funds using net banking facility from other bank to PPF account at SBI

  3. Dear Vikram, you can deposit into your PPF account from other bank’s netbanking directly.



  4. srinivas bandaru says:

    Best banks to open PPF accounts are SBI and ICICI.. All SBI branches cannot have this facility. U can get to know the list of branches offering PPF account from SBI website. If u don’t have any account in that branch, u need to open an account and apply for internet banking and link your ppf account to your savings account so that u can transfer the amount online. PPF account can be opened with your savings account.

  5. srinivas bandaru says:

    Dear Gautham, Best time to Invest in PPF Account will ideally be 1st to 5th of every month.You will get interest even if u invest in the middle of the financial year but if u invest at the beginning of the financial year, u can earn little more.

  6. Biswa Singh says:

    1. Ofcourse you will get the interest for the period. I think the interest rate is decided in the month of March or April. It has nothing to do with the the interest you will be paid.

    2. SBI or ICICI.

    3. I am not sure please check with the bank.

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