What is the cheapest way of getting physical gold at guaranteed purity?

POSTED BY sanjay singhaniya ON May 18, 2014 1:04 pm ONE COMMENT

I have heard about e-gold. But since the NSEL scam has happened it is not a safe place to invest.

I have heard about MCX gold petal. Can anybody give information on how it works and whether I can use it to get physical gold delivery? Has anybody actually used it?

What are other ways to get physical gold with guaranteed purity and high resale value? High resale value rules out jewelery.

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  1. Sambaran Mitra says:

    If you are concerned about resale, I would recommend you to not get into gold at all.
    I have not found a single place where I can sell gold and get money with proper transaction receipt. All the big jewelers accept gold only if you are ordering jewelry.

    So you can only get gold in exchange of gold. If you plan to sell gold and get cash, your only options are the various flavors of e-gold (I guess you consider gold-ETFs as e-gold too).

    I personally stay out of gold (from an investment angle).

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