What is the best option to start a Mutual funds SIP for a first time investor ?

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I want to start investing in MF through SIP, and I find that there are multiple options available for this. Looking at the options, I see that investing in direct plans is more profitable compared to investing through brokers.  I see that I can either buy direct plans in two ways:

1. Online through AMC websites

2. Through R&TAs like CAMS and Karvy.

Can you please advise if the 2nd option is a good one and I can indeed get direct plan MFs through R&TAs at same NAV as if I buy directly from AMC websites?

I am inclined towards 2nd option for couple of reasons.

1. R&TAs will provide a consolidated view (single login) in case I buy MF from multiple fund houses.

2. I hope I can get a dedicated advisor from R&TA who can personally meet me and advice me on form filling and other procedural aspects, besides advising me on which MFs I should invest in. Is this possible?

In short, I am looking to maximize NAV by going for direct plan instead of regular, while also availing some assistance for paperwork involved, if possible.

Which option do you suggest? What are the pros and cons of each option? Any other suggestion most welcome.

Any other aspect of this I need to be careful of, being a beginner?



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