What is SBI Max Gain Home Loan Application process

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I want to apply for SBI Maxgain home loan jointly with my wife (primary applicant). I will be the co-applicant. Agreement carries both our names.

Loan amount: 42 L

Property: Under construction

I have few doubts before apply. Request to clarify this.

1. I want to process my loan from X branch. However, neither me and my wife have SB account in X branch.

2. I have SB account in Y branch and my wife has a joint SB account in Y branch with her father. Both X and Y branches are out-of-state.

3. Is it mandatory to transfer our SB account home branch to X branch? If yes, then will both of us have to transfer or any one of us can do the transfer?

4. Can same SB account be used without any transfer along with the home loan?

5. What will be the home branch of OD account?

6. Normally transfer of home branch is a complicated process. So in that case, is it mandatory to open a new joint account in X branch?

7. Also, I was told that opening a new joint account is not possible in X branch, since we both have  SBI SB account elsewhere. This is because of some CIF/RACPAC issue.

Please guide me.

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