What is minimal time required by SBI Home loan for full disbursement – RESALE FLAT

POSTED BY Irshad ON March 25, 2013 5:20 am COMMENTS (5)

I am buying a resale flat in Bangalore. I have done a sale agreement of 33  Lacks. This guidance/circle value (M.V is more) and paid 5 Lacks to sellar through check. Applying for 20 Lacks home loan.

– Eligiblity check done – Eligible for EMI upto 35 K

– Submitted all documets to my PBB branch – 24th March, 13

– Engineer valuation done – eligible for 20 Lacks Home loan

– Legal advice report will be available 28th March

The deal needs to be closed in one month, so highly appriciated if you could add your inputs to the following queries,

1. How long will it take to process and approve the loan and final disbursement of full amount. It would be better if i get bank process flow.

2. The sellar wants a 50% of the total amount in cash advance in 2 weeks time else asking me to do full payment & get the property registered on my name. What options do i have to make my payment secure, I heard that registration of sale agreement is one option.

Thanks in Advance


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  1. Apeluddin says:

    Respected Sir, Dated : 07/02/16
    I am 40 years old & govt. salaried person. My monthly net income Rs. 37000/- p.m. I want to take home loan maximum from sbi against 17 years old resale flat on 25 years emi plan which cost price 31 Lacs at Kasba in Kolkata/west Bengal. How many loan amount will disbursed in favour of me? Please suggest me.
    Thank you sir.

    1. Hi Apeluddin

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  2. Dear Irshad, now a days, br. managers have no power in sanctioning a home loan. At best your br. manager can arrange the file with all the possible papers as per SBI rule book.

    How much time RACPC ‘ll take is not at all guaranteed. Regarding the payment from your pocket, please do it at your own risk.



  3. Irshad says:

    Market Value = 50 L
    Guidance Value = 35 L.
    Loan = 20 L
    My Investment = 15 L
    My Investment = 15 L (cash)

    I have already paid 5 L (check) during agreement. He has committed to somebody & wants cash now (10 L) . I have come to know that if we register the “Agreement of sale” with sub-registrar office then the seller is bound to register the property on guidance value (35L = 20 Loan + 5 check + 10 cash). I want to register the property & pay in cash along with Loan amount. But due to slow pace in loan processing i need to give cash to him. I have good relation with bank (PBB, Branch). I thought Bank Manager has power to approve loan, was not knowing on process of SBI & RACPC.


  4. Dear Irshad, 50% in cash? how is it possible when you are opting 35L Rs. valuation & 20L Rs. loan? the bank ‘ll demand you the cheque debit entry from your account for the 15L Rs. amount.

    Regarding processing time, if everything is in order, in next 15 days or so, you may get sanction order. As it’s year ending time, be ready for some delay.



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