What are the various avenues available to an Individual Investor to invest in International Equity Markets?

POSTED BY Ramesh ON December 14, 2010 11:52 am COMMENTS (2)

I have recently heard about Motilal Oswal AMC planning to get a Nasdaq Top 100 index fund. Probably, Kotak securities is also having a platform for trading in International equities.

What are your views and opinions regarding this aspect?



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  1. Jagadees says:

    Indian resident individuals are allowed to invest up to US $200,000 per financial year for acquiring any property or shares or debt instruments outside India, without prior approval of the Reserve Bank.

    There are several ways for an Indian investor to invest in international market:

    1. Mutual fund schemes which invest in international stock markets. Eg. Benchmark mutual fund house offers Hang Seng BeES which primarily invests in Hongkong index. Franklin Templeton fund house has launched Franklin Asian Equity Fund which invest in companies in the Asian region, excluding Japan.

    2. Through Depository Receipt which is a type of transferable financial security that is traded on a local stock exchange but represents a security that is issued by a foreign publicly listed company. For e.g recently Standard Chartered Bank which is a company listed in the UK issued its first IDR in India.

    3. Brokerage firms which offers platform to invest in international market (I dont have much idea about this but i heard some firms going to offer like you).

    Recently i came across an article and video from ppfas regarding international investing. worth to read and watch. have a look –
    1. https://www.ppfas.com/media/articles/rajeev-thakkar/international-investing-rajeev-thakkar.html
    2. https://www.ppfas.com/media/videos/


    1. Ramesh says:

      Thanks for the reply. 🙂

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