What Approach should I adopt to invest 12-15 lacs in mutual funds ?

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I have total cash amount of around 12-15 lakh and would like to invest in Mutual Fund. However I am aware that investment should be in SIP and not lumsum. What approach should I go with this lumsum amount. Is there any way I can keep all my amount other than FD?

In future, I am planning to take home for which I can use this amount as a down payment but as of now I want to to invest in MF. Please suggest what strategy for investment? Any other option other than MF except shares?

Thank you.

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  1. TheZionView says:

    Hi Kuntal,
    Thank you , i am surprised people still remember me 🙂

    Been long time starting back again

  2. kuntal says:

    Hi TheZionView,
    Welcome back to the forum after a long long time.

  3. Ashish Garg says:


    As suggested already investment, specially in Equity MF, is risky if you are looking at a small duration. Also, since you want to use this amount as down payment of your home, I would suggest you invest in Debt Mutual funds (these are low risk funds).

    Investment in equity MF is not about longer time period only (say 5 yrs or 7 yrs) its about where is money eventually getting invested, how the market and your fund is performing, what is your goal for this investment. By mere investing in equity for 5-7 yrs and not following it, “may” not going to give you good returns.

  4. TheZionView says:

    Like Hemanth has explained it totally depends on the time frame you are ready to keep it invested.

    If you are planning home within next 5 years dont think about investing them in MF Equity. Dont fall for any marketing approach from broker or someone saying the stock market is on the rise and it will go even further up..

    The only thing everyone know for sure in stock market is that they dont know

  5. Hemanth Chandra says:

    As you are telling, you have to want this money for home loan….. if you have a time frame of atleast 7 years, invest in equity funds…..

    For 1-3 years time frame, invest only in liquid or ultra short term debt funds, or short term debt funds….

    If you have 7 years timeframe and want to invest in equity funds….. first invest all the money in the liquid fund of the AMC in which you wish to invest in equity fund and then do an STP from there into the equity fund.

    Let me know if any clarification required.

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