Website to give health report of a Stock?

POSTED BY Amit ON May 7, 2012 2:53 pm COMMENTS (12)

Is there any website to give health report of a Stock?

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  1. says:

    I would recommend

  2. Dear Amit, Instead of Stocks, why are you not investing in MFs?

    Before jumping in to direct Eq. investing, be sure that you are ready for a roller coaster ride.



  3. somasekhar says:


    Earlier similar type of question I asked.

    Just check the below link.



  4. Amit says:

    Yes… you are right… I m looking for pros and cons about the stock…

  5. somasekhar says:


    Are you looking for this type of info?


  6. somasekhar says:


    I think he is looking for a website where one can do analysis on particular stocks and explain pros and cons about that stock and whether that particular company is a growing or not. Am I right Amit?

  7. Free tips? Stay away.

  8. Rahul says:

    Then check out They give tips whether to hold or sell stock.

  9. Amit says:

    What I want to know, is that whether to hold the stock or sell it?

  10. Rahul says:

    If you want to do the hard work yourself then you can use sites like to analyze stocks.

  11. Gajendra Thakur says:

    Yes Money control is a good site that gives the analysis of the stocks. I have referred to the site and purchased many stocks and in returns were much inn line with their advice.

  12. What would you expect in such a report? Just curious what the actual intent is.

    Are you looking for stock recommendations?

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