wealth tax for flat?

POSTED BY etaxmentor ON March 19, 2013 12:54 pm COMMENTS (3)

 I have two flats in banglore and a house in hyderabad. The house is in my name and I own the flats jointly with my wife and my son. I am the main owner in all properties. Do I have to pay wealth tax for all of them? My son lives in one of the flats with his family. Can he pay the wealth tax for his flat?

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  1. Dear E-taxmentor, 3 flats???? originally there were only 2 flats & one house in Hyderabad?



  2. etaxmentor says:

    Me Money was invested in 2 flats and 1 flat was my son invested

  3. Dear etaxmentor, whose money was invested in all the 3 properties?



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