Want to Switch from ULIP (1 year premium paid) to Mutual Fund, is it better ??

POSTED BY Shashidhar Chaturvedi ON November 25, 2012 1:13 pm COMMENTS (2)

I had taken a HDFC youngstar Super Premium II plan for my son – yearly premium 50,000 (only one premium paid last year) i want to discontinue this owing to very reasons of moving away from ULIPS. 
I has also takenICICI Pinnacle Super II for my wife (here also one premium has been paid for INR 50,000) i also want to discontinue this owing to obvious reasons of getting away from ULIPS.
Similarly i have a endowment plan T-14 of LIC annual premium of INR 13,438 – premium  paid for 7 years but if i surrender it now, i get only INR 74,590 as per LIC.
I want to take out the money and invest in Mutual funds what is your advice ? Whereas in the case of HDFC & ICICI Pinnacle i will get money only after 5 years,,whereas for LIC it makes sense to withdraw and invest in mutual fund.

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  1. IN case of LIC , why dont you make the policy as PAID UP , surrendering after 7 yrs will require you have generate a good enough return for next set of years to offset the losses made.

    For the ULIP part, you cant have much control anyways !

    1. Shashidhar Chaturvedi says:

      Manish Thanks,

      LIC issue is clear and sound more reasonable.

      However, for two ULIP plans i could not understand what you meant. I should discontinue or should continue to pay premiums.

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