Want to start my Own Company – Options & Ideas are Welcome

POSTED BY sunil ON January 16, 2012 5:44 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear All,
I have a dream of starting my own company, which remained a dream till now. This happened due to few constraints such as lack of capital etc…
Now i have thought of starting a small company for Data Entry Projects (No Programming Involved in this), my main motto is to see couple of my friends employed as well as me getting some extra income other than my job.
I have few challenges in starting up this idea..
1. How much Capital is actually required to set up a 3-4 Machines and a small Office of Data Entry work?
2. How to procure Projects (THE MAIN and CONFUSING PART)
3. Does any one have any plans which they have prepared for any such business
4. Are anyone into this type of Business?

NOTE : ***** For any New Business i have a capital of 3-4 Lacs with a man power of Two

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  1. sunil says:

    Any views friends,….

    Any views on what Business can be a better one to start with??? with a capital of 3-4 Lacs

  2. sunil says:

    Thanks a lot Ganesh for taking out time to write a reply.
    I will get through the freelancer site….
    But i might come back to you often for help, will that be ok? (atleast till i am comfortable and confident enough to start up).

    Have a good night sleep.

  3. Hi sunil,

    i guess you have to invest about 3.5Lakhs ( 4 machines * 30k , rent / adv – 1.5L + 25k , Salary – 15-20k * 3 emp , other charges – 20k(elect ..etc) )

    For procuring project try to visit : http://www.freelancer.com
    Also visit nearby companies just like searchin for job.

    I started my company with my friends 2 years before @ 10L .Mainly we get projects from freelancer.Then we asked them to refer us to some other clients .initially don expect profit.:)


    1. Ashwin B N says:

      Hi srivatsav,
      I saw your reply for sunil about company opening. I am leaving this thread because am looking for part time job like after office hour daily i can spend 1 to 2 hour on this type of job. So it will be helpfull for my finance. So please let me know . I am B.E graduate.

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