Want to sell foreign currency

POSTED BY Gotu ON January 15, 2013 2:47 am COMMENTS (5)

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  1. Gotu says:

    Thanks Ashal and FFC.

  2. Dear Gotu, please visit, money exchangers in your city, you ‘ll get a higher rate than offered by banks or Thomas cook or American Express.



  3. Gotu says:

    Hello Ashal and all,

    i do not know why original question is invisible, hence posting again. I have a 2500 euro with me. I want to convert them to INR. I want to know where I should exchange, to get a best deal out of it in terms of minimum fees, etc.

    1. Authorized dealers like Thomas Cook or American express and banks with a forex exchange facility. Be sure to get a receipt and don’t take 1000 rupee notes unless it is from a bank.

  4. Dear Gotu, what’s the query?



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