Want to open a demat account

POSTED BY viresh ambli ON May 17, 2013 10:27 am COMMENTS (5)


I want to open a demat account please suggest  which brokerage should i choose . SBI or fundsindia or Kotak securities

Fundsindia Charges are as below:

AMC : 500

Brokerage charges: 0.3



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  1. Mohit Kumar says:

    SMC Trade Online offers one of the best services and lowest prices. Get in touch with them.

    1. viresh ambli says:

      Hello Mr Mohit , Thanks for the suggestion, will check that .

  2. Dear Viresh, are you going to indulge in day trading? is the answer is yes, the brok. charge matters. in case you are going for purchase & long term holding, the brk. charges do not matters at all.



  3. Dear Viresh, if you are already an existing customer of fundsindia, the account opening ‘ll be free of cost. It’s more about your comfort than the price (charges).



    1. viresh ambli says:

      Dear Ashal

      Thanks for quick reply, please let me know which brokerage provides better services, less charges ? are you suggest that fundsindia charges are less compared to SBI or other brokerage

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