Want to invest Rs 1 lacs which I accumulated just after coming out of college ?

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I have just passed out of college and joined the Job recently. I have accumulated my first 1 lakh and want to invest it wisely.

Purpose of my investment: Doing masters abroad.

Here are the questions which I wanted to ask.

1. What are the possible intruments I can research to invest in apart from bank FD?(I am looking for high return, short term like 2 years, good liquidity can be on risky side, in comparison to FD’s but not highly volatile!)

2. I want to open DEMAT account. I have account with ICICI. Should I open in the same? Or should I consider other options? If yes, can you name few or point any article

3. I want to apply for Credit card to buy things on EMI. That is the sole purpose. Should I be applying for just this reason?

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  1. Manish awasthi says:

    2 years is short term to invest in equity.Stick with FD or u can opt for liquid or debt funds.

    may i ask you if u have money then why u want to buy things on EMI using credit card. ? Interest on credit card will be too high ,so etter u forgot about this idea..

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Advisor, can you afford to lose your money? If your answer is yes, opt Eq. MFs to invest in for such short term. FD is your basic investment choice as of now as safety of your cqapital for such short term is more important than return.

    Why do you want to open Demat account?

    Why do you want to purchase things on EMI? Buying on EMI indicates that you do not have money with you to pay.



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