Want to exit from HDFC SL CREST Guaranteed NAV

POSTED BY ANI SAHA ON October 10, 2012 8:14 am COMMENTS (4)

I have already paid 2 premiums since Oct 2010 @ Rs50,000/- & now realsed it is a very much conservative investment and 3rd premium is due by 21st Oct. Whether I should continue or exit from the plan. If I decide for exit, then what should be my steps with less losses. My age is 47, spouse working, only dependent daughter age 8.  Please advise?

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  1. This article might help in making a choice on continuing or discontinuing your HDFC Crest investment.


  2. no , you will get the minimum NAV only if you continue for 7 yrs . else the actual NAV. hence I suggest better get out of you can manage the fund using switches !

  3. In most of the ULIPs which were issued after Sept 2010 (when new guidelines came) , The general rule is that if you opt for not paying the premium before the lock in period of 5 yrs, then the current worth of the fund will be liquidated and kept under a fund called “Illiquid Funds account” and will be paid to you after the lock in period ,there might be a small charges even on this fund amount . With ICICI lifetime , its 0.5% .


    1. ANI SAHA says:

      The fund value as of today is approx 90K and if I exit i.e do not pay further premiums then I will get it after Oct 2015. If I continue to pay for remaining 3 years and keeping in mind the minimum guaranteed NAV Rs.15.00 the losses may minimise – what is your comment?

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