Want to buy health insurance even though I have Employer coverage of 9 Lakhs p.a.

POSTED BY Ravi ON August 17, 2014 6:38 pm NO COMMENTS

Dear Friends,

I have a health insurance from my employer with coverage of 9 lakhs p.a. Having been an avid reader of this forum, I have learnt that a person should’t rely solely on health insurance provided by employer because :

a. This insurance will go away as soon as you change job.

b. There is a waiting period for some illnesses in insurance bought outside of insurance provided by employer.

So I have decided to buy health insurance but have some questions:

1. What kind of plan should I opt for: Complete coverage OR top-up since I already have insurance from employer? Eventually I would like to move away from my employer provided insurance.

2. Usually when we go to hospitals, there is a list of TPAs that are entertained by that hospital. Is there a consolidated list about the TPA-Health insurance provider relation meaning which health insurance company is covered by which TPA?

3. Do TPAs sell health insurance policies also?



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