Want to apply for credit card, but issue because of CIBIL Score?

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I got the education loan from the SBI in year of the 2005 and it was not on regular EMI. But I have fully paid up in 2013 (no settlement). I also got the NOC from the bank as well as same time.

I also got the personal loan from HSBC and amount was 25,000 in 2007. I paid  up to 80% of the amount. 20% is remain and bank said that we have sell those data to other company and you can contact if you want to pay for it.

Now I have following questions

1. How many years CIBIL is keeping this kind of HSBC bank data as it is almost 7 years and it was small amount?

2. I have done with SBI loan so may I show the NOC letter during apply for credit card if SBI has not updated to cibil?

3. I have never ever apply for a loan or credit card or any other loan in past 4 to 5 years as I know that my EMI was not regular and if apply for anything it will be rejected and effect my credit score as well. But now I am clear with loan so I want to apply for credit card.

4. So may I apply for a credit card or will it effect my score if it will be rejected?

Please help me out in this questions


Rohit Sharma

4 replies on this article “Want to apply for credit card, but issue because of CIBIL Score?”

  1. ptc4596 says:

    Ok will get back to you with cebil score.

    Thanx for your help

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Rohitm without having your credit report and score in your hand, how do you know that it’s low?



  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Rohit, what’s the CIBIL score here?



    1. ptc4596 says:

      I am going to apply for that.

      but please help me on my above issue and questions.
      Thank Ashal

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