Want Changes in MF Portfolio

POSTED BY Priya ON February 17, 2012 5:57 pm COMMENTS (8)

Hi To All,

I am Priya, My age is 29. And my time horizon is next 15 yrs.

My current Portfolio for Mutual fund is as follows:

1) ICICI Focused Blue Chip: 1000

2) HDFC Top 200: 2000
3) UTI Dividend Yield: 2000
4) CR Equity Diversified: 2000
5) BS Frontline Equity: 2000

6) HDFC Mid Cap Oppo.: 2000

7) HDFC Prudence: 2000

8) Reliance Banking Fund: 1000

I am planning to optimize my funds but want to increase the amount SIP. I want to continue my SIP for next 15 Years. So I am plan as follows.

1) ICICI Focused Blue Chip: 3000

2) HDFC Top 200: 3000
3) UTI Dividend Yield: 3000

4) HDFC Mid Cap Oppo.: 3000

5) HDFC Prudence: 3000

6) Reliance Banking Fund: 1000

Whether it will be a good move? Or should I require some more changes?
Please suggest


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  1. Dear Poona, My take for you ‘ll be to invest in following funds –

    HDFC Top 200
    Quantum Long Term Eq.
    DSP Balanced

    Invest 15K in each of the 3 funds. You have diversification for the funds as well as AMCs.



  2. Ponna Subbu says:


    I am Ponna, aged 38 years and my time horizon for investment is 10+ years. I currently have the following SIPs:
    SIP since 3 years, 5K each:
    Birla Sunlife Equity Multi Cap
    DSP BR Top 100 Equity Large Cap
    HDFC Top 200 Large & Mid Cap

    I want to increase SIP quantum by another 30 K. Shortlisted funds are:
    DSP Blackrock Balanced fund- 10000
    Birla Sun Life 95- 10000
    ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund- 10000

    Is this good? Please suggest inputs/changes.


    1. TheZionView says:

      @ponna subbu

      You choice is good but i think
      Birla Sunlife Equity is not a good fund. You can replace it with Quantum Longterm Equity or HDFC Equity both these are multi cap funds with very good track record.

      Both DSP BR Top 100 Equity Large Cap and HDFC Top 200 Large & Mid Cap are excellent choice

      In current stage your diversification is good. You have right mix of large cap and multicap.

      If i understand currently you are doing 15K of SIP every month and you want to increase it to 45K
      Since you have chosen balanced fund i will suggest below combination for you

      1.DSP BR Top 100 Equity Large Cap
      2.HDFC Top 200 Large & Mid Cap
      3.Quantum Long term equity / HDFC Equity Multi Cap
      4.HDFC Prudence Balanced Fund

      You can split the 45K among these 4 funds this should give you good diversification.I am not suggesting any Mid cap fund since you will get exposure to it through the Multi Cap fund.

  3. Priya says:

    Thanks TheZionView and Ashal ji for reply.

    I agree with TheZionView on view of ICICI Focused Blue Chip and Sector Fund.
    But please can you explain me

    1) On which parameter IDFC Premier Equity is better than HDFC Mid Cap Oppo.
    2) And In btwn HDFC Top 200 and UTI Dividend UTI Dividend Yield which will be the better

    With Regards


    1. TheZionView says:


      1) On which parameter IDFC Premier Equity is better than HDFC Mid Cap Oppo.

      Two reasons,,IDFC Premier has long track record and since you have two more funds from HDFC i suggested different fund house

      2) And In btwn HDFC Top 200 and UTI Dividend UTI Dividend Yield which will be the better

      My Choice will be HDFC Top 200 until prashant jain is the fund manager

    2. Dear Priya, as the reply is already given to you for IDFc Prem. Eq. & HDFC Top 200, hence not adding more.



  4. Dear Priya, You may tweak your SIP amount but in general I ‘ll go with the funds opted out by dear TheZionView for you.



  5. TheZionView says:

    You have 3 large cap oriented funds and 1 midcap ,1 balanced and 1 sectoral funds

    You should choose between UTI Dividend yied and HDFC TOP 200 as it falls under same category and it wont make any diversification for you.

    For mid cap HDFC midcap is good but i would say to go with IDFC Premier Equity A to diversify with fund houses.

    HDFC Prudence one of best balanced fund.No change there

    Sectoral fund is strict no for me..so no comments on that

    This set of funds should give you good diversification and i have increased your exposure to large caps by moving the extra 3K from large &mid cap and 1K from sector fund to ICICI Focused Blue Chip

    1) ICICI Focused Blue Chip: 7000

    2) HDFC Top 200/ UTI Dividend Yield: 3000

    3) IDFC Premier Equity : 3000

    4) HDFC Prudence: 3000

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