Volatility in returns from Franklin Build India Fund

POSTED BY Jai ON April 26, 2014 10:41 am COMMENTS (3)

I am having ~40K invested in Franklin Build India Fund. The investment was done via SIP starting 2013 for a year. SIP is not active now. The fund is a 5 star as per VRO. I had invested into these theme fund based upon advice of a fin planner.

Though the fund has been delivered good return since last 1 year I am in double mind to continue this fund due to volatility in theme funds. I need an advice if I should stay invested in this or should I opt for SWP (for units which are out of Exit load period of 1 year) or should I do a lumpsum withdrawal?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Jai, in that case we need details from you for your profile, why the funds were slected for you, what was your own basis to opt?



  2. Jai says:

    Hi Ashal, no I had not paid the fees. It was a complimentary service arranged though my company early last year.

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Jai, had you pay a fee to your Fin. Planner? If yes, please ask him or her. We cannot comment in isolation without knowing all thew details.



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